Treat Your Shoulder Pain WITHOUT Surgery

Are you over the age of forty-five with persistent shoulder pain? We can help you understand your options. If you have had symptoms for more than six weeks, it is time for a diagnosis.

The following treatment methods have little effect beyond this period:

    • Tylenol
    • Anti-inflammatory medicines,
    • Catabolic steroid injections,

To restore normal tissue strength (aside from normal function), healing typically takes six weeks. If your shoulder hurts beyond this six-week period, we may be able to help.

Imaging Enhances Our Treatment Standards

Any imaging, past or present, is helpful to determine if we can really help you. We can also recommend which images you should have to ensure the best result. Careful examination minimizes unnecessary procedures, and maximizes treatment potential.

Frequent & Successful Treatments In Shoulder & Elbow

We have seen much success in treating the following shoulder issues, including:

    • Specific rotator cuff tears
    • Partial thickness rotator cuff tears
    • Biceps Tendinosis
    • Stable labral tears
    • Sub-centimeter full thickness rotator cuff tears up to 14mm (an adequate diagnosis, and alternative options should be fully explored first)

In the elbow, we most commonly treat:

    • Golfer’s Elbow
    • Tennis Elbow
    • Arthritis
    • Other chronic inflammatory processes

Our Attention To Detail Separates Our Care Standards

While it is impossible to guarantee any result in medicine, we are committed to transparency with our patients. We will exhaust all possible treatment avenues that you select to give you the most accurate, orthopedic surgical diagnosis available. This includes consultation with world-renowned experts in the field whenever necessary. 

Unlike other clinics, we will discuss all of your available options. We will not try to talk you into or out of any joint replacement surgery. We will, however, provide our opinion on what is the most appropriate treatment for your problem, be it a treatment we provide or not. If you have a surgical problem, we will either arrange a consultation with any doctor you select, and/or arrange a consultation with surgeons identified as the academic and clinical leaders in their field.

We understand that biologics are not yet common knowledge, and are committed to helping you understand the technology. We recognize that biologic treatment concepts are complex. In doing so, we strive to break treatment concepts down so that you have the power to decide which treatment you prefer, so that you can get back to doing the things you enjoy.

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