Brandy Wians

Brandy Wians has worked with Dr. Yeargan and the Regenerative Medicine Clinic since joining him in 2008. A native of Massachusetts, but now very much a North Carolinian, Brandy has worked in the medical industry for over 10 years including management stints in Ophthalmology and as an orthopedic patient advocate.

In fact, it was her commitment to patient advocacy that led her to the Regenerative Medicine Clinic as a proven and viable alternative to traditional orthopedic surgical practices. Brandy is the perfect person to advise you on the benefits of ortho-regenerative Stem Cell therapies as it compares with traditional surgical options.

If you call in to the Clinic, it is likely you will be speaking with Brandy who will be able to answer many of your questions while also addressing any concerns you may have. That is if she isn’t enjoying the great outdoors hiking, gardening or just spending time with her fiancé and son, listening to music or playing with her two dogs.