Why Doesn’t Your Doctor Recommend Cell Based?

Patients continually ask, “Why didn’t my doctor recommend cell based therapy and biologic treatments?” There are probably many reasons, but the main one is that molecular science is a very minor component of medical education, and doctors in training have little to no exposure to cell based therapy (CBT).

As a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon and chemist who trained with some of the world’s best chemists and surgeons, I assure you that every physician and surgeon wants the best for their patient. As surgeons, we use all of our knowledge, skills and judgment when recommending treatment. Admittedly, my knowledge base is significantly different, and because I feel comfortable at the molecular level, I consider myself more a scientist than a typical practicing physician.

As a pioneer in the field of CBT and molecular medicine, I recognize my responsibility to educate not only my patients but also my peers. I hope you’ll help me do that. When discussing biologics with your doctor, consider recording the reasons they don’t recommend CBT and molecular techniques. Bring them to me, so we can discuss and hopefully communicate back to your specialist or primary care physician about the science and benefits of this treatment.

Until physicians and surgeons understand this treatment, they are unable to speak about it authoritatively and recommend it to patients who may qualify. Education and awareness are surely the antidote to this challenge.