Chronic Knee Pain

If you suffer from chronic knee pain, instability or mis-loading and believe that surgery or steroids are your only medical options, let us introduce you to our proprietary cell-based treatment program (CBT) that uses your own stem cells to heal your body and eliminate joint pain naturally. We are the original regenerative medicine providers in the nation and are still regarded as one of the leading and most knowledgeable professional clinics in the country.

Managing arthritic knee pain and range of motion issues without surgery is what we are best known for. Our highly trained orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Austin Yeargan, first introduced this innovative technique in 2006, and since then, hundreds of our own patients have confirmed the efficacy of our CBT procedure.

At the Regenerative Medicine Clinic, we have created specific protocols for treating a variety of knee injuries including, Meniscus, PCL, ACL, knee arthritis, knee replacement, and runner’s knee. More importantly, we have demonstrated conclusively that while our procedures will successfully treat these injuries utilizing our proprietary CBT therapies, our greatest success is enabling you to return to your daily activities and lifestyle free of pain and with increased range of motion.

Our immune system is behind every move our body makes. Your knee hurts because it’s inflamed and at the mercy of your body’s reactive immune system. It signals the wave of defenses any time protection of your cells is demanded. Arthritis is only one example of the body’s immune system reacting badly to inflammation.

Because we are trained Immunologists at the Regenerative Medicine Clinic, we fully understand the immunologic science behind arthritis, and understand exactly what protein molecule is responsible for your problem. What is more, we can explain it you in simple understandable terms if you decide CBT is an option is for you.

Since we have treated hundreds of knee injuries across the country, including ACL tears, knee arthritis, and meniscus injuries over the last 13 years, we know who is likely to respond best to CBT therapies. But most importantly, we also know who may likely not do well from this type of treatment procedure. If Dr. Yeargan does not believe your CBT will last at least three to five years, he simply will not offer it to you as an option.

While not everyone is a candidate for these innovative procedures, with our free consultation, Dr. Yeargan can and will provide a critical, non-biased, second or third medical opinion to help you understand the extent of your injury, as well as your options for the most effective treatment going forward.

If you feel that either you, a family member or friend could be a candidate for stem cell treatment, please contact the Regenerative Medicine Clinic for a free consultation to determine if you are a viable candidate.