Treat Your Shoulder Pain WITHOUT Surgery

May 28, 2018

Are you over the age of forty-five with persistent shoulder pain? We can help you understand your options. If you have had symptoms for more than six weeks, it is time for a diagnosis. The following treatment methods have little effect beyond this period: Tylenol Anti-inflammatory medicines, Catabolic steroid injections, To restore normal tissue strength (aside…

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knee pain wilmington nc

Is My Knee Pain Being Addressed Correctly?

April 16, 2018

Is My Knee Pain Being Treated Correctly? Treating knee pain is a two fold process of addressing not only what is going on inside the joint but also addressing what is happening on the outside in how the joint is aligned. Unloader bracing should be routine and the first part of orthopedic knee arthritis care…

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Elbow Pain? Foot Pain?

March 27, 2018

Are you suffering from chronic foot pain or elbow pain?  The Tenex® TX-1 may be the ideal therapy when treating problems like plantar fasciitis, tennis and golfer’s elbow and other types of tendinitis or tendinosis.  The majority of patients with these conditions respond to conservative treatments such as physical therapy, bracing or splinting, NSAIDs (Ibuprofen, etc)…

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What to Look for When Considering Stem Cell Therapy

February 18, 2018

With medicine today, it is important for you to be your own health care advocate.  Here is a list of things to consider when deciding about stem cell therapy treatment:   1.   What type of doctor is performing the procedure? Pain management doctors, while excellent at treating chronic pain, have no surgical experience and many…

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What Does Platelet Rich Plasma Really Do? What’s it Good for? Is it Worth the Money?

February 11, 2018

We began trials with platelet rich plasma in 1997.  While conceptually, PRP makes sense and there was a great deal of excitement over the ease of harvest and delivery, PRP still struggles to find it’s ideal clinical role.   All PRP is not created equal and the final product for delivery depends on the skill…

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