Ankle and Foot Trauma

Ankle and foot injuries are most common among athletes, young and old, male or female. But they can also often occur from non-sports or age-related injuries, including ankle instability, Achilles tendinitis, tendon and ligament tears, arthritis in toes or ankles, or Plantar Fasciitis. Over the last 18 years, Dr. Yeargan has been able to establish proven success in many of these sports and non-sports related ankle or foot injuries using Regenerative Medicine’s proven stem cell therapies.

Arthritis in the ankle or foot is common as we begin to age.  And although some of us may experience the pain of arthritis in our ankles and feet earlier than expected due to an ankle injury in our younger days, we are confident that these age-related joint pains regardless of cause may be successful treated using your own stem cells.

Modern stem cell science enables Dr. Yeargan to withdraw stem cells directly from the bone marrow in your hip, combine them with our proprietary growth solution and concentrate them through a centrifuge. Dr, Yeargan then re-injects them into the injured tissues using advanced imaging guidance with Fluoroscopy and Ultrasound.

While results for patients using stem cell therapies depends on the nature or extent of their ankle or foot injury, Dr. Yeargan’s extensive orthopedic training with the renowned Stedman Hawkins Clinic in Vail, CO provides the greatest likelihood of a successful outcome.  More importantly, if you are not a candidate for stem cell therapies, Dr. Yeargan will provide you with a non-biased recommendation for your most viable medical option and provider.

Successful rehabilitation from ankle or foot surgeries can be both protracted and painful. Having successfully treated both amateur and professional athletes across the country, and a variety of patients of all ages, Dr. Yeargan understands one of the most important variables is your ability to return you to your normal routine and lifestyle as quickly as possible. Therefore, the alternative of using a proven, single injection in a non-invasive, out-patient procedure that not only relieves the pain, but also significantly shortens your rehabilitation time can only be a better option to consider.

If you feel that either you, a family member or friend could be a viable candidate for stem cell therapies, please contact the Regenerative Medicine Clinic for a free consultation to determine the extent of your injury. Remember, if you are not a viable candidate, Dr. Yeargan will give you your best alternative medical treatment, as well as the best medical practitioner available to you.